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Una nueva libertad / A New Freedom

Only Jesus can offer true freedom. Do our teenagers believe this? Today their friends not only say that God doesn’t exist, but that he’s not even good. How will young Christians discover that the Bible is God’s good word for his world?


This book is like a training manual in how to use the Bible to take on life. In more technical terms, it’s an introduction to Christian ethics for youth. They will learn to use a framework (“the kite”) to take on any topic in a comprehensive and faithful way (the first three chapters). Then they will put it into practice as they explore specific topics: studies, money, suffering, violence, sex and identity. They will discover for themselves why Jesus and his Word help us to live freely better than anything else. They will see that Jesus is always good, always consistent, and always tells a better story than the world, if they dare to listen to him. And as they grow and practice, they will show those around them a new freedom.


We have designed this book with many images, stories and videos (accessible by QR codes in the book), and we are going to print it in colour: all in order to make it more accessible and interactive for students. It has been written with 15-20 year olds in mind, although it will be helpful for other ages too. There are resources for small groups that make the book and great too for youth groups and churches.

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In these pages Mike Snowdon opens the way to a new freedom. Taking the Bible as God’s big story, Mike doesn’t duck the hard questions. But rather than giving us the rules, he shows us what we are for, rather than what we are against. He shows how the gospel really is good news – good for heart and mind, for body and soul, for relationships and intimacy. Good for all those looking for something more than ‘just being myself’.
Glynn Harrison
formerly Professor and Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Bristol, UK
Author of A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing (IVP, 2017)
Our young people need our help in forming a Christ-centred world view that will help them make sense of their developing thoughts, feelings and actions. Putting this book in their hands will help give them the skills they need to live distinctive lives for Jesus today.
Ed Shaw
Director of and Pastor, Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol (UK). Author of The Plausibility Problem: the church and same-sex attraction
Be free and live fully. This book by Mike Snowdon is the result of countless dialogues the author has had with young people and adolescents in his native Australia and Spain. He has perceived that in the new generations there is a longing for freedom and at the same time the desire to have a guide to what the good life would be today. With pedagogical criteria and in a conversational style, Mike offers us answers from biblical teaching. This book will not disappoint those who are searching.
Samuel Escobar
Author of “Cómo comprender la misión” [How to understand mission] (Andamio Editorial, 2013), “El trino Dios y la misión integral” [The triune God and integral mission] (Kairos, 2003) and many more

If the donations pass 3000€, the extra will go towards the fund for the our next project, a Spanish translation of:

“10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity” (Rebecca McLaughlin)


Anticipated publication: Spring 2022


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